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FG Brokers was started in 2004 by Johan de Villiers, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ® professional. Johan has over 28 years experience as a Financial Planner and Fund Manager. According to Johan, our clients are our biggest asset that is why financial planning calls for a holistic assessment of your life goals. Read more here...


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Johan de Villiers discusses a new way of looking at your financial goals. He also provides insights into economic risk factors. What is risk and how to plan for it in 6 ways.
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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Our sole mission to provide you with financial peace of mind by structuring a portfolio that will help you achieve all your financial goals while leading a full, balanced and abundant life. We can provide you with: A customized Financial Plan • Management of Financial Wealth • Retirement and Risk - Assessment.

In order to give the best advice and service to each of our client’s unique and changing circumstances, we constantly strive to be at the forefront - if not one step ahead of - regulations, client offerings, tax laws, and economical changes.

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Johan de Villiers
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Authorised Financial Services Provider
FSB Licence No 19158 (Category 2)

Johan de Villiers, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ® professional

6 Questions to ask yourself to get to your ultimate
wealth goals

  1. Death: What will you leave behind?
  2. Disability: Your biggest asset - are you sufficiently covered?
  3. Dreaded disease: Something could happen today.
  4. Retirement: Have you made provision an income when you retire?
  5. Saving: Endless dreams and possibilities...
  6. Life goal: Contact us for a FREE consultation to discuss a plan to cover the above requirements.
The Financial Planning Process

  1. Establish client-planner relationship
  2. Gather client Data, including goals
  3. Analyse and Evaluate your financial status
  4. Develop & present financial planning recommendations
  5. Implement the financial planning recommendations
  6. Regular Review and Monitoring the financial plan